The Rules

Please note that the following punishments are just indicative, depending on the case we can choose to apply different punishments.

"I didn't know," or "I didn't read the rules," are not valid justifications.

We reserve the right to decide when and how to consider something as offense (i.e. abuse of caps) and to punish for cases not listed above.
We also reserve the right to discard any evidence older than 2 weeks.

Be respectful to the community

• Do not harass or abuse players or staff in any format or platform.

• Do not use hate speech, discriminatory or derogatory language towards a person regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religious organizations.

• Refrain from using excessive profanity and do not direct profanity towards player or staff.

• Do not share NSFW content with minors or children.

• Refrain from discussing or arguing about politics or other controversial topics or subjects in global chats.

• Do not share or reveal any personal or private information about other players or staff.

• Do not impersonate other persons, players or staff members.

• If you are found making a negative impression on the community or server you will be removed at the staff's discretion.

Listen to Staff

• In any case that the rules are unclear, ask a staff member for clarification.

• If you feel a staff member is acting inappropriately, do not argue with them in public as it will cause further punishment for yourself, contact them privately or contact a higher-ranking staff member to resolve the issue.

One player, one account

• The use of alternate accounts is forbidden. Please contact a staff member if there are multiple players from the same household.

• Do not let anyone have access to your account on the server. You are responsible for any actions made by your account.

• Do not collect resources or mine in the main world. To mine or gather resources, go to /teleport then pick the resource world.

• Do not deliberately deface the terrain with random builds or imagery depicting NSFW content or hate speech.

Play Fair

• The use of hacked clients, disallowed mods or cheats of any kind that give you unfair advantages over other players are strictly forbidden.

• The use of any AFK machines is a bannable offense, these include but are not limited to riding pigs, riding horses, riding minecarts, and water-based AFK machines.

• The use of any type of lag machines is a bannable offense.

• Honor and respect any written agreements with other players if they do not violate server rules.

• Scamming of any kind is forbidden in trades, auctions or any other transactions.

• Do not try or attempt to coerce players into paying more than an item is truly worth, in example, the starting price of an auction or bid intervals, renaming or faking items, etc.

Allowed Mods and/or Modifications:

  • Mini-map mods
  • Optifine
  • Shader mods
  • Inventory Tweaking mods
  • Shematica/Litematiac (excluding the print-mode function)
  • 5zig
  • Gamma Raising mods

Allowed Macros:

  • Crafting items that can stack (hay bales, bread): 9 Per second.
  • Crafting items that do NOT stack (For example chest-plates): 4 Per second.
  • Placing and breaking blocks (For example spamming glass): 8 Per second.
  • Requiring interaction and input from you continuously and is not being used while AFK or not watching your game. (You must be able to respond to any messages from a staff member with 2 minutes)

Please note there might be mods that are not included here but that we still wouldn't allow.
Ask staff if in doubt.

Exploiting and Glitching

We try our best to make sure to patch all the glitches and exploits we come across but despite our efforts there will always be ways to exploit. For this reason we will not tolerate any kind of abuse involving glitch/bugs exploitation for any purpose.

Use Chat Appropriately

• Do not advertise other servers or communities that are not involved with the server.

• Do not spam players or chats. Wait 15 minutes between ads of the same nature in trade chat.

• Refrain from using excessive caps in global chat.

• No NSFW or inappropriate usernames, nicknames, or item names. Staff will decide whether you are in violation of this rule.

• Use only English in global chats.

• Players are not allowed to use in server communications to offer exchanges with money, goods, and/or services outside of the server.

Rules for Towns

• Griefing unclaimed town or fallen towns is permitted.

• A town owner may remove a resident after 7 days of inactivity unless there is a pre-existing agreement between resident/mayor stating otherwise.

• The town’s owner can set town rules. Where these rules are not covered by the server rules, the town owner may enforce them by evicting the player, and/or banning them from town grounds.

• Town owners can use /plot clear to clear the chests of inactive players after 7 days. If a player leaves town but remains active on the server, the mayor may contact staff to clear those chests.

• Town owners may remove builds in town at their own discretion, however, they must give the player who built the structure 48 hours to remove the build themselves and/or take any blocks they would like to keep. It is the owner’s responsibility to prove that they provided 48 hours’ notice before removing the build. After 48 hours have passed, the player forfeits all placed blocks (except locked chests) in the build to the mayor/town.

• The waiting period does not apply to things built outside of designated areas where the player has permission to build, builds that otherwise constitute grief or inappropriate builds. These should be reported to staff to be rolled back.

• Absolutely NO AFK-able/auto farms or machines. (If it CAN operate/kill/break/etc. without you directly and actively interacting with it, do not build it). This includes riding in a minecart to harvest crops, auto fishing, and auto clickers. If you are not sure, consult a staff member about whether a machine is allowed.

• 150 hoppers per player, 75 per machine, 75 within a 5-chunk radius.