Welcome to The Imperium!

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We offer a unique survival experience, with the help of custom plugins, giving players a immersive experience.


Band together and build sprawling empires, explore the rolling mountains and scour through the ruins of fallen cities!


Throughout the year, we host a variety of themed events, which include custom items, custom NPCs, and custom quests!

Check out the forums! New

We are excited to bring forums to The Imperium! Feel free to browse the exsisting articles or make your own!

Play the way you want. There's so much to explore.

We have custom generated terrain which allows players to see more than what base Minecraft has to offer. Not only that, but we have custom items, jobs, quests, and a plethora of NPCs you'll encounter as you embark on your journey. The world is your oyster!


Our Roman Themed Spawn. A Great Place to Start.

After completing the tutorial, players get to experience a custom roman themed spawn, made exclusively for Imperium Populi. There are NPCs to interact with, crates for players to open, and so much more. First impressions are very important to us and we want to blow your pixelated socks off!


Fully Updated and Stable. Backwards Compatable!

We are always updating to the most up-to-date version of Minecraft, not only that but we are backwards compatable all the way back to version 1.9! So if you have a favorite version of Minecraft to play on, you don't have to switch version to play!